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2010-02 Surety Power

Surety Power

2009-11 Legal Methods for School Construction in Texas

2009-11 School Construction

2009-10 Removables


2008-03 Perfecting Claims on Public Work

Public Work Claims 

2008-02 Contract Gotchas You Gotta Know: Part II

Contract Gotchas Part II 

2008-01 Contract Gotchas You Gotta Know

Contract Gotchas You Gotta Know

2007-12 Coping with the Texas Engineering Practice Act

Texas Engineering Practice Act

2007-11 The Contractor Filed a Mechanic's Lien on My Property - Now What?

Contractor Filed a Lien - Now What

2007-07 So You Filed a Mechanic's Lien - Now What?

So You Filed a Mechanics Lien - Now What

2007-06 Government Official Bonds - Surety Trap

Government Official Bonds - The Surety Trap

2006-07 Texas Mechanic's Liens from the Subcontractor's Perspective

Texas Mechanics Liens from the Subcontractor Perspective